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East Anglia Leisure
Event Sound ....
EAL can supply your event with the perfect live sound package. With experience sound engineers we can provide complete audio solutions from festival-size line array to smaller-venue RCF modular systems. GL
Our massive selection of outboard audio equipment including graphic EQ's, compressors and reverb units creates an unrivalled and professional sound in combination with our sound mixing consoles and sound engineers.
Sound Stocks Include:
- RCF Event 6000 / 1018
- EAW KF850/SB850
- L-Acoustic ARCS
- MIDAS Sienna
- Yamaha LS9
- ASS monitors
- Allen & Heath GL4000 Console
- Shure cable and wireless microphones
- Shure in-ear monitoring system
- DI boxes, multicores, outboard effects and other sound consoles
- CD, MiniDisk, Memory Card audio players
- Pioneer CDJ and Technics SL1210 Decks
- And much more...