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East Anglia Leisure
Discotheques,DJ's and Mobile Nightclub ...
Top Quality DJ Setup
We offer the finest DJ's, smartly presented
  • The Savoy Hotel
  • Park Lane Hotel
  • Café Royal
  • Kensington Roof Gardens
  • International Polo at Windsor
Cones, effects, events
Starcloth DJ Surround
Starcloth Backdrop (Not switched on)
DMX Controlled Airtubes either side of DJ Surround 
Party in a MarqueeKaraoke Roadshow

Using the Pioneer laser disc system and the Sunfly cd+g a huge choice of songs with lyrics appear on TV monitors, the roadshow is presented by a professional compare, stage lighting on a stand included.


Lighting Rig Inside MarqueeMobile Nightclub

An impressive structure dripping with the latest lighting effects -  freestanding or flown
Moving Lights
Mirror Balls
Led Lighting
Ultraviolet Lighting
Trilite Truss 200 Square Freestanding
Lighting Rig Structure
Trilite Truss 200 Rectangle Freestanding